About Us

We are Lyn Alhorn and Matthew Hooven and we own a small local design build company in Berkeley, California.  We've been around since 2002 when we started our first project on Parker Street, which you can see in our portfolio.  We started as friends, re-building Lyn's house on Parker Street, not realizing that it was the beginning of a partnership.  Before we finished that first project, there were people asking us to do the same thing for them and we've been working together ever since. 

We enjoy what we do.  We like working with our clients to create beautiful well built houses and well considered interior and exterior spaces that respond to your own particular vision.  We like to work with natural, interesting, sometimes found or used materials and the rich community of skilled East Bay tradespeople. 

Our focus is to create artful, functional spaces that hold your domestic life well and make you feel at home. 

Lyn Alhorn

Lyn has a degree in architecture from UC Berkeley and came to Berkeley in 1980.

Matthew Hooven

Matthew has an MFA from Claremont College and grew up and settled in Berkeley.